Selby Post 07 Jun 12

Article from the Selby Post, 07 June 2012.

Big push sees Sean make the magic 60

Sean (second from right) and Adam (second from left) at the launch of Push 500 with The Proclaimers, Craig and Charlie Reid.

Sean (second from right) and Adam (second from left) at the launch of Push 500 with The Proclaimers, Craig and Charlie Reid

by Nick Towle

A disabled ex-serviceman covered 60 miles in his wheelchair to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Sean Allerton (46) started a 500-mile wheelchair push three weeks ago to raise money for a number of military charities.

And, being an unashamed patriot, he was determined to reach the 60-mile mark in time for the Queen’s 60th anniversary celebrations.

He reached his target a few days ago after doing umpteen laps of the RAF Church Fenton airstrip, and now just has the remaining 440 miles to contemplate in the months ahead!

“I was determined to get to 60 miles in time for the Jubilee because, as an ex-serviceman, I am patriotic,” said the former RAF man. “Last Saturday I did 16 miles in one day, which took me to 34 miles.

“On Monday, I got to 60 miles and was really pleased with myself. I was a bit fatigued by the end of it all because I had low pressure on my tyres.”

Sean, from Sherburn, has teamed up with former Queen’s Dragoon guard Adam Douglas, from Leeds, in trying to complete 500 miles in a non-aided wheelchair journey.

Over the coming months the pair will pay weekly visits to RAF Church Fenton, where they will do several laps of the airfield at a time.

The charity challenge – in aid of six charities including the RAF Benevolent Fund, RAFA, the RAF Charitable Trust, Aerobility, Flying Scholarships for the Disabled and The Forgotten Heroes – was launched at the RAF base in May with a little help from Scottish singing twins The Proclaimers, whose song ‘I would walk 500 miles was a smash hit in 1988.

Sean and Adam will be emulating the iconic Proclaimers’ famous song by completing 500 miles on their wheelchairs.

The Proclaimers – Craig and Charlie Reid – are patrons of The Forgotten Heroes. They were at RAF Church Fenton to see off Sean and Adam at the start of their epic journey and add a little stardust to the momentous challenge, which they have called Push 500.

Sean (46) was paralysed in a road accident while serving with 34 Squadron RAF Regiment in Cyprus in 1993, which left him tetraplegic.