RAFA Website 12 Feb 13

Article from the RAFA website, 12 February 2013.

Push 500 challenge almost complete!

Push 500 challenge almost complete!

Sean Allerton is heading towards the finish line of the push 500 challenge that has raised thousands of pounds for charity.

He started his journey on 16 April 2012 at RAF Church Fenton and has pushed at RAF stations and airfields across the country. He went out on this challenge to support the charities that have helped him since his motorbike accident in Akrotiri whilst serving in 1993 that left him as a tetraplegic, including the RAF Association.

He pushed on with the Blades at Sywell Aerodrome on 1st February, one of his final pushes towards the end of the challenge. He knocked over another 2 miles at Sywell and has now gone over the 440 mile mark! Sean looks forward to the finale which will take place at RAF Church Fenton where most of his pushes have taken place.

Though the Push 500 challenge is not yet complete, Sean has set his sights on the next challenge! If you want to support Sean or find out more, visit www.push500.com

Take a look at the coverage of Sean’s push at Sywell on ITV Anglia. Watch the video.