About Me

What to say; born in 1965, went to school, left school. Joined the territorial army (TAVR) Parachute Regiment in 1982, passed P Company and awarded my maroon beret, served on HQ Coy, 4 Para.

I joined the RAF as an RAF Regiment Gunner in 1984, and after passing out I served in various places around the world. Life was good. In late October ’93 I was pillion on a motorcycle that was involved in a crash (on a British Sovereign Base in Cyprus, 110 yards from my room) – totally not my fault but I was, and am, left as a tetraplegic as a result of breaking my neck; 100% disabled (according to the Veterans Agency). Enough about that.

I am a junior officer (Plt Officer) at my local Air Training Corps squadron, enjoy reading, undertaking higher education study, and potter around on computers. I enjoy life – what more can I say? I could go on and on for hours about the things that I can’t do, but why bother; I have to concentrate on the things that I can do.

Just be a good person, enjoy what you have got and if you do something, do it properly. The world does not owe you a living, it’s up to you to get things done. Be good. Now that that episode of ‘Grumpy Old Men’ has finished, you can get back to reading this site. There’s nothing special here – awkward, yes, special, no.

In September 2011 thanks to a flying scholarship I learnt to fly; I managed to fly solo too. Because of what the flying gave me I want to ‘give back’ and that is why my challenge is important to me – to give back to those who got me to where I am now.

Note: With the first 500 miles being completed on 17th March 2013, the second 500 miles completed on 28 August 2013,  I am currently undertaking the 1000-mile phase of the song’s chorus… because the charities still need supporting. See Current Progress for details of the distance covered so far (on top of the two 500 mile challenges to date).