“Sean is an inspiring figure and his work for charity is something we support and we’d hope others do likewise” Craig & Charlie Reid / The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers would walk 500 miles… but I can’t walk. Being confined to a wheelchair I want to raise funds and awareness for charities that I have an interest in, and have helped me, so I intend to fundraise for my chosen charities by completing a Push 500 Wheelchair Challenge.

The Proclaimers have given me the inspiration to embark upon this challenge, and they have been kind enough to support me by walking around the first lap with me when the challenge officially started, and all of the associated press coverage involved at the start. They provided me with the inspiration, the charities are selected, so all that is left is for the visitors to this website to support me in my challenge by sponsoring me, and for me to continue undertaking the pushing. I’m making the effort to arrange and undertake this challenge, please support me in my efforts.

Using the menu or links to navigate, please find out more about my Push 500 Challenge, my progress, the charities that I’m fundraising for, about me, and most importantly; please sponsor me.